The Sustainability Prize


We are pleased to announce a change in the structure of The Lab’s Sustainability Prize at EARTH University that we feel will improve students’ abilities to implement their chosen projects. After five years of offering this prize, and in recognition of its tremendous value for students, EARTH University has decided to “match” the financial contribution of The Lab by investing from the fore in the development of the projects that will ultimately be considered for the prize.

In the past, all students in their Fourth Year would have the opportunity to enter the prize competition, and projects could be in various stages of development and implementation. The major change to the prize structure is that now, students will apply in their Third Year to be considered for the prize. During “Integration Week,” which includes the “Sustainability Prize Seminar,” up to four Third-Year finalists will be selected by students and faculty. These finalists will be awarded $5,000 each by EARTH University towards implementation of their project idea. Finalists will begin implementing their projects in their Fourth Year, with the support and guidance of EARTH faculty. The project that shows the most promise by graduation time will be awarded the $10,000 Sustainability Prize to support continued project implementation.

This means that there will be no prize awarded in 2015, as student finalists chosen this year will be eligible for the prize in 2016. To read about the finalists for the 2016 prize, click here.

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