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    EARTH University, Limon Campus - Aerial View

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    EARTH University, La Flor Campus

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    The Urban Agriculture Initiative at EARTH University

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    EARTH University, La Flor Campus

The Sustainability Laboratory is excited to welcome the first group of students to the pilot session of an exciting, new graduate-level summer program, The Global Sustainability Fellows Program (GSF) to be held from July 6 to July 23, 2014, at EARTH University in Costa Rica.

The Global Sustainability Fellows Program is designed to inspire, mobilize and prepare future generations of leaders in all sectors of society who are committed to integrating sustainability concerns into their approach to their chosen disciplines. The program thus serves to add an essential dimension to the education students receive at their home institutions. Program alumni will lay the foundation of a professional, interdisciplinary network, where a common purpose, language and framework serve as the basis for game-changing sustainability innovations and initiatives worldwide.

The GSF Program is the newest initiative of The Sustainability Laboratory, a thought-leader in the global transition to a sustainable future. The program’s foundation is The Lab’s unique theoretical framework, offering an uncommonly rigorous and comprehensive approach to addressing issues of sustainability, change processes, and development. By incorporating this rigorous theoretical orientation with hands-on, experience-based learning, international exposure, and cross-disciplinary work, the GSF program will impart the core competencies required to effectively tackle urgent sustainability challenges on a local, regional and planetary scale.

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