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Here’s another update from Costa Rica by GSF Assistant Faculty member Ana Laura Dengo Flores, this time about Eco-Termales, a stop on the GSF’s Eco-Leadership and Eco-Literacy segment, on the road between EARTH’s two campuses.

A note on the GSF’s Eco-Leadership and Eco-Literacy activities

The two EARTH University campuses are about 315 kilometers apart. This may not sound like much in terms of distance, but in terms of climate, agriculture, and biodiversity, it makes a world of difference! The Limon campus is located in Costa Rica’s humid tropics whereas the Guanacaste campus is in the dry tropics.

During the GSF pilot, fellows and faculty will get the chance to experience both of these environments while driving from one campus to another. They will also get an opportunity to spend some time in a very different and beautiful environment: the lowlands of the Arenal Volcano.

We recently visited the town where the Arenal Volcano is located to scout the first stop of the Eco-Leadership/Eco-Literacy tour: Eco-Termales Fortuna, a family owned eco-tourism hot springs business. The family of one of EARTH’s graduates owns Eco-Termales, and they have incorporated the concepts of sustainability in every detail of their operation. During the GSF’s summer visit, Herrold Vega (EARTH 00’) will give the group a tour of the site and explain how they have made their farm/hot springs sustainable.


Some examples of what the fellows and faculty will see are:

  • Water treatment facilities
  • A large bio-digestor that provides energy for the restaurant
  • A small milking station
  • A cheese-making area
  • A restaurant that uses food sources from the farm
  • A construction area that uses lumber from the farm

Soapy water treatment

Water treatment facilities at Eco-Termales

The stop at Eco-Termales promises to be a great educational opportunity on how to make the best use of all the resources that a farm has to offer. As a plus, the group will have some time to enjoy the hot springs!


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