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Media Resources from Michael Ben-Eli

Interviews with the Leading Edge - May 14, 2019

An interview with Dr. Michael Wayne of “On the Path to Strawberry Fields”. Please see also this introduction written by Michael Wayne introducing Michael Ben-Eli and the work of The Lab.

Innovation Showcase - April 4, 2019

Lab founder Michael Ben-Eli featured on NewTV’s Innovation Showcase.

Interviews with the Leading Edge - March 18, 2015

An interview with Dr. Michael Wayne of “On the Path to Strawberry Fields”

TEDxBGU, Ideas Worth Spreading - May 12, 2013

Michael Ben-Eli presents: "Re-thinking Everything," at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Interview with Harold Channer, May 2012

The Cooper Union, New York - May 15, 2012

"Sustainability By Design From Concept to Action: The Sustainability Laboratory and Project Wadi Attir." The lecture was part of the series of events that preceded the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award Ceremony at The Cooper Union in New York City on June 6th.

Bioneers Conference, 2010

Watch Michael Ben-Eli deliver a keynote address at the 2010 Bioneers by the Bay conference, in which he discusses the urgency and potential of our time, and the example of Project Wadi Attir as a model for true sustainability.

Michael Ben-Eli Interviewed at Bioneers, 2010

Michael Ben-Eli is Interviewed at 2010's Bioneers on the Bay conference on the nature of systems, the Sustainability Principles and Project Wadi Attir. To hear the interview click here

Architectuing the Future, Keynote

Michael Ben Eli discusses the renaissance of the concept of "design" and how all aspects of human activity are manifestations of a design process and what that implies about our role as human beings on the planet.

Video Interview by Sahar Ghaheri ( Part I )

Michael Ben-Eli kicked off the Buckminster Fuller Challenge fellowship program with a presentation about Bucky, Design Science, and sustainability at the Pratt Center for Sustainable Design Studies. After the presentation, in an interview with Sahar Ghaheri, he gives a more personal account of his life and experiences to date.

Video Interview by Sahar Ghaheri ( Part II )

Brief reflections on Project Wadi Attir, a project with the Bedouin of the Negev, and formative influences that shaped the direction of the work Michael is currently pursuing.

Michael Ben-Eli on Heyer Insights

Michael Ben-Eli discusses the concept of community sustainability as well as Project Wadi Attir as a model for a sustainable desert community.

Michael Ben-Eli with Harold Channer - October 4, 2007