Dr. Michael Ben-Eli


Recently, Dr. Michael Ben-Eli was interviewed by Michael Shewchuk, President of the Global Center for Human Change in We, The Human: The Magazine for the Global Movement of Consciousness.

The magazine asks the question: “What is human change and why is it the issue of our times?” It responds to the UN Sustainable Development goals, focusing on human consciousness and personal transformation, and publishing interviews with leading evolutionary leaders and scientists.

Dr. Ben-Eli commented on what a person can do to make a conscious contribution to the future:

What we are facing is a “design challenge.” We need to redesign our state of being. Not just the physical element, but our whole experience on the planet. We ourselves are part of the larger design, but we are only conscious of it in a fragmented, separate way.

How we define our individual part has to start with becoming aware of things outside ourselves. We need to become more aware of our whole circumstance. The actual response, the creative response, cannot be arbitrarily dictated, but should be the spontaneous response of the individual, sensitive to others, and anchored to and faithfully reflecting the cumulative history of life itself.

Since the long-term viability of complex systems depends on their internal variety, the creative role of the individual is essential to the process. It is not about becoming a solider that walks blindly in line, but to remain free, with integrity, understanding what is going on and not producing a pre-packaged response. This is the creative role of discovery – not to repeat the same pattern, but to have the freedom to try something new.

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